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The Doily Lady



280 Ogden Avenue
Teaneck, NJ, 07666
United States


The Doily Lady offerss a fine collection of doilies and mantillas for the well dressed woman to wear to synagogue or church. At times we offer other elegant Judaica accessories.


Hi and welcome to our blog. It is mine and yours. I am looking forward to posting all of the photos I take prior to shipping of the Party Platters and other custom goods made for you. And also posting the photos that you or your party planner sends me of your platter(s) beautifully displayed. Do not worry, I will not post till after your simcha.

 If you are guest at a Bar/Bat mitzvah at the Kotel, please take a photo of the group with their custom doilies on. Send it right on to us so we can post it with a big Mazal Tov to the family.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue to make an item that is both useful and beautiful. And I know that I could not do it with out my niche clientele.

Thank you! and let my work begin.

The Doily Lady




Hello and welcome

Susan Richmond

Hello and welcome to our blog. It is yours and ours. We plan on posting the photographs of the party platters and other custom goods that we create for you. No worries - I will not post your platter photos till after your simcha.

If you are in Israel for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah please photograph your party at the Kotel with the doilies on. Years ago I took one when I was at my cousins Bar Mitzvah and it was an amazing shot looking towards the Kotel. I will post them all on this blog. 

Welcome to my new website. When coming up with a name I was trying to be creative. That week a woman came up to me and said " I forgot your name but you are the doily lady, right?". Right then I knew what the company had to be. It made me smile. Hope it makes you smile too.

I am so grateful to be able to continue making Judaica products that are both useful and beautiful. Thank you for all your years of continuous support. I truly appreciated it.

Let the fun begin…...

Please let me introduce you to my new company called,

The Doily Lady

Thank you.

Best Regards and wishing you only Simchas,

Lorri Ashe